Vaping CBD Oil: How to Get the Right Dosage

Vaping CBD presents a considerable challenge when it comes to determining the amount that you should vape.

Experts have no definite say as to how much one should take when vaping.

They indicate that vaping the right amount should produce the desired outcomes or achieve the target or accomplish the reason behind vape.

Whether it is for pain relief, stress relief, or insomnia and a calming effect, your vape dosage should deliver precisely that. 

However, the dosage is not the same for different individuals.

As a result, there are several factors that you should put into consideration before attempting to decipher your accurate CBD dosage levels.

When looking to find your ideal dose for vaping CBD oil, or to even discover how to find the amount of CBD you are receiving on a vape by vape basis, you need to start thinking about the following considerations!

1) Your Purpose for Vaping CBD Oil

Understanding the reason behind vaping CBD is crucial to examining the desired results.

When leveraging CBD for medical purposes, you are looking forward to eliminating the pain, inflammation, or treat another symptom or issue.

Therefore, your dosage levels should aim to deliver on the desired purpose

As varying conditions and ailments will require completely different dosages to provide potential relief.

However, it’s important to not that even if you are looking to treat the same thing as your friend who recommended you try CBD, you could both require 2 different dosages.

2) Your Overall Weight

Body Weight Effects CBD

Genetically, individuals are different and thus are the effects of cannabidiol on each person.

Your overall body mass has an impact on the amount of CBD you take.

Besides, the chemical reactions such as hormonal releases differ from one individual to another, and the functions of the endocannabinoid system are also different.

Furthermore, the immunity of an individual is not the same as another.

Individuals who weigh more may have a higher CBD dosage than lightweight people or vice versa.

3) The Severity of the Condition You're Trying to Treat

If you are suffering from cancer, the pain associated with chemotherapy is chronic.

Therefore, the amount of CBD you take will vary from a person who just had a minor injury while exercising.

For chronic pain, the dosage for your CBD increases, while for the minor injury, the dosage typically decrease.

If you only need to calm your nerves and gain some confidence when stepping out of the house, your dosage levels are may be much lower in comparison to a cancer patient or someone trying to combat inflammation.

Therefore, it is fundamental for you to understand what your main goal is before vaping or using any CBD products for that matter.

The knowledge of dosage comes in even handier when you are growing hemp at home.

You must go for a top-quality source when buying materials to grow hemp.

4) The Strength of Your Vaping Device

A vaping device with 9 watts will produce less vapor in comparison to another device with 60 watts.

The difference in vapor production indicates that one will vape and receive more CBD in the second vaping device on a vape by vape basis.

Therefore, reading the instructions and volume, including the power of your vaping device, is crucial in determining your dosage levels.

For example, an RDA or SubOhm tank will delivery a larger dosage of CBD per vape compared to say a device running with a CBD cartridge.

5) CBD Vape Juice Concentration

CBD Vape Oil Concentration and How it Impacts Effects

Each vape juice comes from a different manufacturer, which indicates their differences in quality levels.

Making your own CBD vape oil at home might be more complicated than you'd like, and as a result, purchasing one becomes more convenient.

As The manufacturers suggest the volume of CBD in the vape juice that indicates potency.

So you will see 250mg, 500mg, or 1,000mg and higher and that number on the bottle followed by MG indicates how much CBD is in the entire bottle.

For instance, in a 30ml bottle, there is a 1000mg of dissolved CBD oil
Therefore, in a 1ml of the contents in the bottle, there is approximately 33.3mg of CBD.

That 1ml has approximately 20 drops of CBD, which means that each drop contains 1.66mg of CBD.

To find the dosage per mL take the total amount of CBD divided by the size of the bottle

6) Calculating the Right Dosage Levels for Your Needs

How to Calculate Your Dosage of CBD for Vaping

Since you are consuming your CBD through vaping, after doing the calculations above, examine the volume of your vaping device tank.

If it holds 3ml in volume, and you use a 1,000mg vape oil, then you know that it contains 99.9mg of CBD in the entire tank.

To develop and understand the calculations, follow the following procedure.

Fill the tank with only the amount of vape juice you need i.e., 1ml
while vaping, count the number of times it takes you to start feeling relief.

Plus, vaping delivers near immediate absorption so you won’t have to wait hours to see if the dosage is working out for you or not.

This is not a perfect science, but It will give you a rough idea of the number of vapes of CBD vape you need to achieve your desired goal.

You could take it a step further to find how much approximate CBD you are getting per vape.

This can be done by experimenting and seeing how many vapes it takes for you to finish 1mL of CBD vape juice.

So if you are using 1mL of 1,000mg vape juice, meaning each tank has 33.33mg of CBD.

You could take the 33.33mg and divide it by the number of vapes it takes to finish 1mL of liquid to give you an approximate vape by vape dosage.

7) Start Low & Gradually Increase as Needed

This is applicable no matter which type of consumption method you are leveraging.

For beginners and even experienced CBD users, it is fundamental to start low and gain momentum with your CBD dosage as you progress.

Starting low and documenting any feelings you might have and recording the period they take to manifest, indicates the first step towards finding the right dosage for you”.

With each increase or decrease of CBD to your routine, ensure you keep a record of the activities and effects.

Once you record the desired outcomes, such as less pain, highly relaxed, calm, and socially active, then you have found your CBD dose.

However, keeping the above considerations in mind, ensure that you have a medical professional evaluating your progress.

Depending on what you are treating, increase the dose in a step-like manner for better outcomes.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right dose for your vaping experience is now simple.

All you have to do is keep all the considerations in mind, evaluate your bottle of CBD vape oil, and do the calculations to determine how much each dose contains.

Be sure of your cannabidiol potency levels by purchasing from a reliable source and keep to the numbers you have. 

With the numbers at hand, all that is remaining is to experiment while keeping records of each step and milligram of cannabidiol you add to your dose.

Once your treatment delivers the benefits, which are your final goal, then the dosage is right.

Author: Grace Hawkins

19th Jun 2022

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