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Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 Pre Roll

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Wellicy Reserve The White Delta 8 THC Infused CBG Pre Roll
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Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 - 1 Gram Delta-8 Infused Pre Roll - Hybrid

Delta-8 pre rolls are awesome but with the same strains floating around the market, that delta-8 infused hemp pre roll you loved before might start tasting not as good.

Wellicy understands this issue because we come across it a lot ourselves, so we wanted to fix it.

By creating the new Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 pre roll that's made with the White CBG flower that's been infused with delta-8 THC!

Every container comes with a 1 gram pre roll of the highest of quality of delta-8 infused The White CBG flower on the market.

Before you even ask, no your current delta-8 pre rolls will not come anywhere close to the quality, effects and overall enjoyment of the Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 pre roll!

We set out to create a smokeable CBG pre roll that can be used for relief during the day or when looking to relax in the evening.

Which lead us to using the White CBG strain! This incredible CBG rich strain will calm your body and help you relax, while keeping your mind focused and alert.  

We are very confident about the new Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 pre roll and we're gonna tell you what makes it so fricken awesome.

We want you to know what exact cannabinoids are in your pre rolls so you can have the best smoking experience.

Let's lay it out for you, with every Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 pre roll you'll get 84mg of CBDA, 58mg of Delta-8, 35mg of CBD, 6mg of CBGA, 2mg of CBC, 1mg of THCA, 1mg of CBG, and 0.1mg of CBN per gram for a total of 17.71% total cannabinoids!

Now the main parts we want to focus on are the CBG and Delta-8 because those two factors are gonna be the leading cause to help you get more rest!

CBG has exploded in popularity over the years due to its wide range of potential medicinal properties. The White is a sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers delightfully calming effects, that don't cloud your mind but instead help it to stay active and alert. 

Then we of course infused the highest quality of delta-8 THC distillate into the flower, which is a sativa-dominant hybrid terpene profile!

Because The White CBG flower is a hybrid terpene profile, it means that you can leverage this for much needed daytime relief without wanting to melt into the couch. While also being a useful companion to your already amazing nightly regimen.

With there being so many competitors in this industry literally popping up overnight, saying they have the best delta-8 infused flower on the market, you gotta stand out a bit!

We for one didn't want rush our pre rolls out like everyone else because we wanted to make sure they had nothing but highest quality of materials!

Companies think just because you can't see the flower in the pre roll it shouldn't be of the highest quality!

Well, we at Wellicy machine trim and then hand trim to make sure that every single bud of flower that goes into our pre rolls is nothing but the best cannabinoid rich nugs on the market and if it's not then it won't be used in the Wellicy Reserve line of pre rolls.

It's a simple concept that I guess only us at Wellicy understand but we hope one day the big hemp companies will follow suit instead of just focusing on the money.

We don't see these companies changing anytime soon so you might as well come on over and try the new Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 pre roll!

You'll understand why it's the best hybrid Delta-8 pre roll on the market after your very first inhale from the authentic RAW cone.

The reason we dislike the trim, shake, stems, or biomass approach is the final product provides a harsher smoke that leads to excessive coughing and throat irritation.

Now you know why all those hemp flower pre rolls make you cough up a lung after each puff, whereas smoking a cannabis pre roll is pure bliss.

We want you to enjoy pure bliss when smoking our Wellicy Reserve hemp flower pre rolls, and we believe the results will blow you away!

We can assure you that the Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 pre roll will be the smoothest pre roll you've ever sparked up in a Raw Cone!

Smoking flower is a classic consumption method with cannabis, and now you can consume your Delta-8 while also being put in a state of relaxation to get you ready for bed with the Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 pre roll.

Delta-8 flower is a full spectrum product, meaning it can contain up to 0.3% delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC, so if you are drug tested we'd recommend staying away from smokable flower, and opt for a CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD product. 

Additional Information:

  • Leverage Raw Branded Cones for the Best Smoking Experience
  • Under 0.3% Total THC
  • Delta-8 THC Infused Flower
  • High-Grade, Smokable Flower
  • Purity Tested, No Metals or Pesticides


    • 1 Gram Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 Pre Roll

      How to Use the Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 Pre Roll

      The Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 Pre Roll is a high-grade, smokable flower that is designed to spark up and enjoy like any other pre roll!

      You won't catch any shake, trim, or biomass in our pre rolls. Meaning each smoke sesh is as enjoyable as the last!

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        Recommended Storage

        To preserve the outstanding quality of your Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 Pre Roll, please store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity. 


        The Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 Pre Roll is not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach from children.

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