STNR Creations Glass Hand Spoon


STNR Creations Glass Hand Spoon - Scent Proof Hard Carrying Case

Here at Wellicy we want to make provide you with a one stop shop for all hemp products.

But, we don't wanna miss anything when it comes to products in this industry and that especially means the accessories!

Well our friends over at STNR Creations came out with a new glass product that is gonna be the last glass piece you will need for your hemp flower.

Introducing the new & hand blown STNR Creations Glass Hand Spoon that's made right here in the USA, specially in Orlando, Florida!

Now, you may be thinking, who the heck is STNR Creations?

Well the way they spell their name maybe a little familiar to most of you especially if you have been shopping delta-8 products with us for a while now.

The people who create the STNR Creations Glass Hand Spoon are also the same people who make the breathtaking STRA8 Delta-8 products!

So you don't need to worry when it comes to this product about the quality of this glass piece!

This amazing 5 inch glass pipe is worked with vibrant colors that will make any piece you get unique on its own.

Plus with the piece having a heavy body and deep bowls, it is absolutely perfect for using at home or even on the go for the ultimate sesh alone or with homies!

Now, you may be worried to take this beautiful piece outside and drop it but that won't be the case with this product because every time you buy the STNR Creations Glass Hand Spoon you not only get the glass piece but a scent proof hard carrying case.

But there's more, you also get a glass container to store all your wonderful and delicious hemp flower that fits perfectly inside the case with your glass piece.

Plus every STNR Creations Glass Hand Spoon also comes with a STNR Creations pendent for you to rock the coolest company, besides Wellicy of course, in the industry!

Don't wait and think about buying this for you because by then they'll be all gone, SPOIL YOURSELF!

What's in The Box:

  • Glass Hand Spoon (*Color May Vary)
  • Scent Proof Hard Carrying Case
  • Glass Container
  • STNR Creations Pendent 

Additional Information:

  • 5 Inches in Length
  • Made from German Schott Heavy Wall Tubing
  • Made in Orlando, Florida USA


The STNR Creations Glass Hand Spoon is not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach from children.

STNR Creations Glass Hand Spoon

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