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Steve's Goods CBD Terpin Gorilla Shatter

Steve's Goods
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Steve's Goods CBD Terpin Gorilla Shatter - Hybrid - 1/2 Gram & 1 Gram

Are you just a natural type of person?

Do you not like to waste your time with all the flavors the CBD products come in these days and at the same time want to move into the concentrate game?

Well don't waste anymore time looking around because you can now get your very own Terpin Gorilla CBD shatter by Steve's Goods!

This beautiful shatter focuses heavily on the natural terpenes that come from mother earth herself to deliver an earthy flavored dab, as well as CBD isolate, of course!

Now you may be asking yourself, what are the natural terpenes found in Steve's Goods CBD Terpin Gorilla shatter?

We're happy you asked because this shatter is jam packed with terpenes such as, A-Pinene which is the most prevalent terpene in Terpin Gorilla. According to research, A-Pinene has been shown to potentially help with reducing cancerous tumors and benefits the respiratory system.

There are also high amounts of linalool known for its anti-inflammatory and ability to help restore cognitive function, in addition to B-Pinene. 

Of course further research is required.

Steve's Goods CBD Terpin Gorilla shatter comes in two size options, 1/2 gram and 1 gram of pure CBD (95% pure) plus Terpin Gorilla terpenes (5%).

Now you may be thinking can I only dab this product?

No, that's the best part you not only can dab your Steve's Goods CBD Terpin Gorilla shatter but you can also sprinkle it on top of a bowl or mix it in with flower in your joint or blunt!

Dabbing is the fastest forms of absorption for CBD.

Doesn't matter when you smoke at day or night, you will be met by the beautiful aroma of earthy and piney taste and a peaceful state of mind.

CBD concentrates, like Steve's Goods CBD Terpin Gorilla shatter, are purified CBD products with a high potency, so you know you're getting your dose of CBD as fast as possible.

Benefits of the Steve's Good Terpin Gorilla CBD Shatter:

  • Fast Acting Delivery
  • Balances Energy Levels
  • Easy to Consume just the Right Amount for Relief
  • Rich in Flavor
  • Admiration from Friends, Don't be Surprised When they Ask “Where did you get that Shatter?! or Dude! Hook Me Up!”

Additional Steve's Goods Concentrates:


  • 1/2 Gram of the Terpin Gorilla CBD Shatter
  • 1 Gram of the Terpin Gorilla CBD Shatter


  • CBD Isolate
  • Plant Terpenes

How to Use Steve's Goods CBD Terpin Gorilla Shatter

Carefully remove the amount of CBD shatter you would like to use from your Steve's Goods container. To best use Steve's Goods CBD shatter you should use a glass device with a nail or a portable dab pen.

But you can also use a wax dab pen, top your bowl, or roll into a joint or blunt.

To Dab your CBD shatter simply place a small amount of the Terpin Gorilla CBD shatter into your dab pen or nail on your glass device and inhale the vapor.

Please always follow your vaping devices manufacturer instructions and do not dab when the nail is red hot or you'll instantly regret it (speaking from experience).

Recommended Storage

To preserve the outstanding quality of your Steve's Goods CBD Terpin Gorilla shatter please store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity.


Steve's Goods CBD Terpin Gorilla shatter is not meant to be consumed during pregnancy or lactation. If you take prescription medication you should talk to your doctor before adding CBD products to your Wellness Routine. Keep out of reach of children.