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Savage CBD Essentials CBD Pet Spray (500MG)

Savage CBD
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Savage CBD Essentials CBD Pet Spray - 500MG

You would do anything for your furry friend. You make sure they get the best food, the best exercise, the best everything.. so why not give them the best CBD relief?

The whole subcategory of CBD for pets has blown up over the last couple years.

As research continues to move forward, we have been blessed with research showing that CBD can have significant benefits for pets!

Imagine this scenario, you and your furry pup are expecting guests for dinner. Once they arrive your guests are immediately swamped by your dog and you're left trying to pry them from your guests. 

Sound familiar? Sure it does!

And, there is a possible solution!

Try giving them the Savage CBD Essentials CBD Pet Spray!

The Savage CBD Pet Spray can be used many different ways, it can help heal open wounds, and of course.. it can help with pet anxiety!

Loaded with 500mg of full spectrum CBD, the Savage Essentials CBD Pet Spray can help sooth your furry friend into a calm and relaxed state!

Just squirt a few sprays onto their food, or simply in their mouth, within about 30 minutes you should start to see the effects of the Savage CBD Pet Spray take place! 

CBD Strength:

  • 500MG

    Bottle Size:

    • 60mL Spray Bottle

    Recommended Dosage: 

    • Small (Under 15lbs) - 1-2 sprays per day
    • Medium (15-40lbs) - 2-3 sprays per day
    • Large (40-75lbs) - 3-4 sprays per day
    • X-Large (75+lbs) - 4+ sprays per day

    Suggested Use:

    The Savage CBD Essentials CBD Pet Spray is for dogs and cats, and can be sprayed directly on your pet's food or administered to your pet orally.


      • MCT Coconut Oil,
      • Hemp Seed Oil,
      • Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD)

      Recommended Storage

      To preserve the quality of your Savage CBD Essentials CBD Pet Spray, please store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity.