AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer - 320mAh Battery


AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer - 320mAh Battery

If you love your AiroPro CBD vaporizer but don't wanna bring it with you when you go do active things because you don't want to ruin the frame with scratching the metal.

Well leave your AiroPro at home safe and sound but grab your all new AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer!

Best part is the AiroPro and AiroSport all take the same  CBD cartridges made by AiroPro so no need to have to buy a whole different cartridge for this one device!

The AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer is the only device on the market that is designed exclusively to house the incredible AiroPro CBD pods!

Furthermore, if you live in a legal state you can also use the AiroPro THC cartridges with the AiroSport vaporizer!

Offering polycarbonate body that is not only lightweight so it feels like nothing is in your pocket but also scratch resistant so even if you drop it you won't have to worry about dinging it up like you would with your AiroPro!

Another thing we love is that you will always know when you are hitting your AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer because it will vibrate the whole body of the device so you know 100% you are getting a nice pull of vapor.

It's 8.5 watt output provides you with a 2 second draw each time you hit it. Not only is it rechargeable, it gradually tells you its power level! 

Taking a hike or climbing a mountain your AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer is gonna need to be with you!

Offered in 4 amazing colors Stone Grey, Sunburst Orange, Cobalt Blue, and Electric Green!

Benefits of the AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer:

  • Lightweight design
  • Created for an athletic lifestyle
  • Device vibrates when taking a draw

How to Use the AiroSport CBD Cartridge Vaporizer:

  • Insert/drop cartridge into device
  • Draw on mouthpiece to activate vaping
  • Device vibrates to indicate that it's active during usage

Active Feedback Indication:

  • One pulse = 30% battery capacity remaining
  • Two pulses = 20% battery capacity remaining
  • Three pulses = 10% battery capacity remaining
  • Halo flashes 10 times = battery expired and needs to be charged

What's Included with the White AiroPro:

  • AiroSport CBD/THC Vaporizer Device in Chosen Color
  • Micro USB Charging Cord
  • User Manual

    AiroSport Rechargeable Specifications: 

    • Closed system, not compatible with other vaporizer cartridges
    • Polycarbonate Body
    • 320 mAh Li-on Battery
    • 8.5W power output
    • Serving Size: one 2 second draw; each vaporizer provides 150 puffs

    Recommended Storage

    To preserve the outstanding quality of your AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer, please store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity.


    The AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer is not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach from children.

    AiroSport Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer - 320mAh Battery

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