Munchie Monday: CBD for Holiday Gatherings

Hey guys it’s Lindsey here with another installment of Munchie Monday!

This weeks Munchie Monday guide is jam packed full of tips and tricks for using CBD to make it through a Spooktacular Halloween, Día De Muertos, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, and that holiday office party you are looking forward to (or dreading).

I’m going to start this article off with a few common sense tips this morning.

You should consult a doctor before using CBD if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, on prescription medication or have a medical condition.

You should also never give someone CBD or any substance for that matter, without them knowing.

Consent is sexy so if you want to throw a big CBD party just get the OK ahead of time from your guests.

Pro-tip: you can prepare all of your recipes with CBD isolate & have your guests dose their own broad or full spectrum products as they see fit.

If you live in a state where only medical cannabis is legal you shouldn’t give your medication to others.

This is a felony in most places, just like sharing prescription pain pills, and you can go to jail for it.

In Arizona there is a program that allows for caretakers like me to be licensed, to dose food & edibles for others.

Always make sure you follow local laws. But if you are just using hemp derived CBD, then these products are legal in all 50 states.

I have been so excited for Halloween this year. 2020 has been a horror show! Halloween fell on a Saturday and with a full moon!

Today’s Munchie Monday certainly will have CBD drink recipes, and the tips and tricks I have for throwing a CBD party.

Halloween was Saturday, we all slugged through daylight savings time this Sunday, and that means that Cameron’s  “real holidays” are right around the corner.

I don’t discriminate against any holiday in case you hadn’t noticed I put a new one up every single day on Facebook.

But I was rubbed the wrong way by Cams mention on the Feel Good Friday Live that Halloween isn’t a real holiday, I’m not going to lie.

How many people really feel that way?

Is that why Halloween has been so different between when I was a child and now?

Do people believe it is not a real holiday?

I actually was a little bit outraged at the thought & my initial reaction was to invite everybody but Cameron to my Halloween party because why would he want to come to a fake party, I decided to ask Doc, a few other friends, and do some research.

“The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints. Soon, All Saints Day incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating treats.”

Super interesting, right? Honestly I wondered if I used Samhain on the invitations if Cam would say that it’s a real holiday.

So what I found is Halloween is rooted in several religious traditions and it’s kind of evolved into a commercialized idea of what we know now as Halloween.

I would certainly never draw the same importance of Halloween in American culture to say Day of the dead in Hispanic culture, which starts the same day as Halloween, and spans until November 2nd, encompassing All Saints Day & All Souls Day, which ARE very real holidays.

However, real holiday or fake holiday, commercialized or not my 2020 has sucked.

So I am on a mission to celebrate the last of the holidays to the best of my ability, while spending time with my close friends and family giving thanks & surrounded by food, and a lot of love.

Which all sounds well and good, until you realize that my family is just like everyone else’s.

There’s that Aunt who asks when you’re having more babies, the uncle’s who’s dirty jokes just rub you raw, the chill group, the crazy cousins, and a bunch of cute wild kids. 

As much as I love the holidays, as much as I love cooking, as much as I love my family... the thought of preparing costumes, food, decorating and oh yeah we haven’t really seen our family because of Covid, the to do list all of it starts to get super stressful.

Which brings me to my first tip for CBD use over the holidays.

1. You Buy Extra Chocolate for Trick-or-Treaters Make Sure You Buy Yourself Some Extra CBD.

Yes I am definitely a list type person.

My anxiety consistently run scenarios through my brain and one of the ways I cope is by prepping for those scenarios.

Another way I cope with this anxiety is CBD.

I can never, ever recommend enough to buy more CBD thAn you are planning to use.

2020 has been wild and with the holidays approaching I kind of expect to see USPS having delays again.

I also expect more people to increase their CBD use over the holidays.

Which brings me to tip number two

2. Be Flexible with your CBD Dosing

For some holidays are the happiest, most joyful times of the year.

For others suffering loss the holidays can be the saddest.

I always encourage anybody struggling with depression to reach out to a mental health professional.

If you use CBD to help relax, take the edge off, or to cope do not be hard on yourself if you need to increase that use to get through the holiday season.

After all I’m pretty sure you don’t go to the Halloween party every day of the year.

If you have social anxiety, it’s normal to get anxious thinking about a costume party.

After I had postpartum depression I was anxious to walk the neighborhood with my kids.

CBD just helped me cope with that little bit of anxiety that was holding me back, so I can relax enough to be able to function normally and in a holiday situation.

3. Consent is Key with CBD

If you are throwing a party where edibles will be dosed, let your guests know beforehand, and clearly label them.

As much as I love CBD I would never want to accidentally give somebody CBD without their permission.

I don’t know if they were on blood thinners or if they’ve already dosed cannabis or if they even like CBD or even understand what it’s for or if their drug tested.

Holiday parties are a great opportunity to share CBD products & knowledge, particularly if you think your friends or family could benefit from them.

Consent is key for opening discussions about hemp products.

4. Consider Purchasing a Dual Delivery Method

Consider purchasing a dual delivery method.

Most of you already know your preferred consumption method but do you know your second favorite? What about your third favorite? 

Because CBD use may increases through the holidays I encourage you to invest in your second and third favorite consumption methods.

My first favorite delivery method is edibles, my second favorite is hemp flower, I love topicals, & I love tinctures.

Because DOC has PTSD and uses CBD too, there are always at least a few CBD products in our house.

If you’re like me and normally have an edible, I really do encourage you to look into vaping or smoking pre-rolls.

That way you can dose your edible at the party, but before the party vaping and smoking pre-rolls give you instant relief.

I like to keep those on hand for times I don’t realize I need more CBD.

For example say I dose my edible in the morning and I go to start grocery shopping for the house and party. Wham. about 20 minutes after taking my edible, my anxiety hits so hard it almost crippled me.

Personally, it takes about four hours (most people feel effects in 2 hours) for an edible to kick in and I already dosed my CBD.

But I had to get shopping done so I grabbed my pre roll, lit that baby up, inhale the good and exhale every single worry I had.

By the time my edibles kicked in mt pre-roll effects had worn off.

If smoking is not your thing consider investing in a tincture-topical system.

It’s not just anxiety that sees an increase during the holidays. Many people that suffer from chronic pain suffer worse this time is of year too.

5. Planning Your CBD Use

You don’t want to be the person at the Halloween party trying to decarb their shatter last minute for edibles.

There is nothing inherently sinful about it, it is super inconvenient.

Don’t stress yourself out, decarboxylate anything you need for edibles ahead of time or use a ready made CBD tincture that's already been decarbed by the manufacturer. 

Similarly you don’t want to make your grandma angry at Thanksgiving because you don’t have the CBD butter done at the beginning of the day.

Try to plan out your CBD use so that if you need to make homemade edibles or butter you’re not doing it on the same day as a big holiday.

This week I’m taking the time to prep my edibles and my homemade butter ahead of time so I can focus on having a really good time.

I think making your own hemp infused edibles using CBD infused butter is definitely the most time consuming part, so if you are having a CBD party my best advice is to prep the edibles and infusions ahead of time.

6. Remember the Overall CBD dose

This is something that gets easier with experience.

Following a CBD recipe is all well and fine, make a couple and have a party, just don’t forget how much is in all of the combined dishes. 

If CBD is dosed per serving, remember to give it time to kick in, I even know some people who don’t get full effects of edibles for 6 hours or more.

This is more uncommon, but don’t underestimate the strength of some CBD recipes, like The Child.

With Halloween being on the weekend, coinciding with Día de Muertos and All Saints & All Souls Day, I wanted our Halloween party to be a little extra special.

I’ve been super bummed that my family is planning a trip to Disney next year, and I won’t be going.

I am only the biggest Star Wars fan ever (Doc tried to argue otherwise but my birthday IS May 4th aka Star Wars day).

But, alas, Disney parks have super strict rules about Hemp & Cannabis products.

Which is all well & fine, they are after all a private owned company (Read: Olgolopoly) and can make their own (discriminatory) rules. 

I mean, it is 2020 guys, the entire world is on fire, the election, masks, and aliens can all be real but I can’t have my medical cannabis at the most magical place on earth? 

Talk about oozing privileged discrimination all over your customers.

Alas, I will keep advocating for Safe & Equal Access to medication at Disney, but until they change their policy on a plant that is clearly medicinal, and benefits many children - including those who suffer from epilepsy- I will have to satiate my need for all things nerdy by throwing a themed Halloween Party- inspired by what I can only imagine is the coolest place in the Galaxy! 

CBD Sour Patch Kids

This drink wasn’t inspired by Star Wars, rather it was inspired by how I felt when Cam insulted my holiday and the resulting research. Sour, sweet, gone. 

CBD sour patch kid recipe

CBD Jedi Mind Trick

✨This is not the drink you are looking for ✨ 

With full spectrum CBD & a double dose of Delta-8 tincture this drink is sure to help get you in the mood to groove.

CBD and delta 8 Jedi mind trick

The Dark Side

The Empire was right, fam.

This dark side drink was inspired by my friend Josh’s awesome nighttime tincture.

A warning: this tincture is no joke, with the highest levels of CBN (sleepy time cannabinoid) on the market. Don’t drink & drive kids.

CBN CBG CBD infused drink the dark side

The Child

Inspired for my love of the hit TV show the Mandolorian and the reefer-madness style media coverage Halloween always brings, the Mandolorian is completely alcohol free drink.

Sure I could have written out an alcoholic version, but I won’t. Why?

Well Disney serves alcohol and alcohol kills more than 88,000 people a year.

Call me petty pendergrass but I think it’s utter garbage that a place can pretend to be so inclusive, refuse to allow medical cannabis in their parks, and then profit off a mind altering substance that kills hundreds of thousands of people a year. 

When you don’t add alcohol to The Child or any of the other drinks on this blog, NONE of them will cause an overdose.

Not to me, any other adult, not even a small child.

Although, if they have delta 8 or delta 9 in them, we do not recommend giving it to children unless recommended by a doctor.

The child CBD delta 8 CBN CBG delta 9

Final Thoughts 

I hope you enjoy these Munchie Monday recipes with some of your close friends & family this holiday season.

To see more of the food and drinks from my Hempy Halloween party head over to @wellicycbd @ajshippiemomma on Instagram.

Check out our Facebook page Wellicy CBD and the Wellicy CBD Support group for way more great CBD community fun, and check back on the blog next week when we get down to fall food business: preparation for my CBD Thanksgiving

19th Jun 2022

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