Munchie Monday: 2020 Favorite Fall CBD Guide

I hope y'all are having a fantastic Munchie Monday!

October is that wonderful time of year when the air is a little crisper, change is in the air, and with Halloween at the end of the month there’s just a little excitement.

October is a big month in the hemp industry, with many hemp growers getting ready to harvest their crops!

Croptober is a time to celebrate and give thanks for all the awesome, bombtastic buds being grown.

Normally, I try to keep my Munchie Mondays short & sweet.

However, fall presents all new reasons to use CBD!

This fall, I will be posting EXTRA recipes AND I will even be posting them as recipe cards!

Perfect for you to print out, save to your google drive, save to your phone, all without scrolling every single time you look for a recipe!

I'll even be making CBD Recipe Cards for past Munchie Monday's. Why? It's just Wellicy's way of saying THANK YOU to our wonderful customers this Croptober!

So make sure you are following Wellicy CBD on instagram (@wellicycbd), Facebook and YouTube, so you don’t miss a single surprise from the Wellicy crew!

These fall recipes are going to be perfect for snuggling up to watch that horror movie marathon or around the bonfire.

No matter where you try them, these recipes are sure to be a hit with the whole family.

The inspiration for this Munchie Monday Fall CBD guide was a very chilly camping trip.

I needed recipes that would transport easily, cook on the campfire, and be quick to prepare.

Most of all, they all needed to be dosed with CBD, Delta-8, or my medical cannabis.

I know that camping is more vigorous than my usual activity, so I planned to increase my daily use through my camping trip.

The same should be true for you, if you are planning more vigorous exercise (running that 5k instead of just your daily run, for example) then you should plan for a higher dose of CBD or THC.

Tips for the BEST Hemp Edibles 

All of these recipes can be adapted for CBD butter, THC butter, or just regular butter.

Remember that great edibles have one rule of thumb: use good quality hemp bud.

Make sure that you are buying from a trusted source, with third party lab results.

Wellicy only works with companies compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

While we would love for everyone to have equal access to cannabis, it is still not federally legal in all 50 states.

Delta-8-THC is a federally farm bill compliant substance. The 2018 farm bill has made hemp products federally Legal in America as long as the final product contains <0.3% delta-9 THC.

It is crucial that you buy CBD and delta-8 products from companies you know and trust.

There are correct procedure for processing CBD into delta-8 THC, and if done incorrectly can result in an illegal level of delta-9 THC.

These products are intended for persons 21 or older. Please follow your local laws, and remember some people find delta-8 sedating.

Can You Cook with Large Amounts of CBD or delta-8 THC?


You can cook with large amounts of CBD isolate, full spectrum tinctures or even dabs like Steve's Good Dabs.

I cook edibles with concentrates almost every single day.

My medical doses of cannabis & CBD are super high, so the best value for me is smoking and eating concentrates.

Can You Freeze CBD Edibles?


There is some debate if freezing destroys some of the CBD content.

If you need to preserve your edibles, the fridge is a great place for a couple of days.

However, you can freeze most CBD edibles you make at home.

To me, a percent of the CBD being lost (a small percent) is better than 100% of the edibles going in the trash.

But I feel it's important to mention that the cannabis industry does flash freeze their live buds to extract a live resin concentrate. Which often has increased smell and flavors with slight potential potency increases.

Can You Cook Homemade Edibles for Pets?


Remember that our four legged friends have different needs for CBD than us.

Check with your vet and make sure to adjust for a pet dosage, which is typically dependent on body weight.

The biggest caution I give about making homemade pet edibles is: A LOT OF THINGS are TOXIC to animals.

From Teflon toxicity for birds to the long list (grapes, chocolate, it’s a very long list y’all) of human foods that are toxic to dogs & cats.

If you aren’t aware what foods you can’t share with your animals, edible treats can be deadly to pets if the food ingredients aren’t monitored closely.

Make sure if you are making edibles for your pets that the ingredients aren’t toxic.

It may be a lot less stressful to pick a CBD treat like Pinnacle Hemp’s.

Are Edibles the Best Choice for Me?

I don’t have an answer for that, only you can decide if edibles are best for you and your personal needs!

This is what I can say about CBD edibles versus smoking CBD: the fastest way for you to consume CBD is through vaping or smoking.

Some people can't vape at work or don't want to smoke.

In the fall, seasonal allergies are real y'all.

Edibles are a great choice if you suffer from allergies, because you aren't smoking your CBD and therefore it is not irritating your lungs or nasal passages.

Edibles are a great way to maintain your needed dose throughout the day.

Most people who use CBD cannot get away with one dose, once a day.

If you are using CBD for anxiety or pain, you need to maintain a level of homeostasis in your body.

For best results with your CBD edibles, you should use the same amount, everyday.

You may need to increase your dose overtime or depending on your routine that day.

Exercise or injury may lead to a higher than average CBD dose. This is fine.

It is not possible to overdose on hemp or cannabis.

You may have an upset stomach, vomiting, or a headache.

It may also make you very tired, you should not drive if you are using delta-8 THC.

Does the Weather or a Change in Season Effect Your CBD Dose?

Yes! For me and many other CBD & cannabis users, a changes in the weather and seasons impact my cannabinoid dosage.

As the weather starts to change in the fall I experience an increased need for pain relief.

Cold weather and rain effect barometric pressure and that plays a huge role in joint pain.

As the weather gets cooler you can increase your cannabinoid use if your pain is worse.

The upcoming holiday season is already making some folks a tad anxious.

While I love Halloween, and Thanksgiving is my Holiday to shine, the upcoming election, and pretty much the entire year of 2020 has been up and down for everyone.

What is totally awesome about hemp is you can increase your dosage as needed.

Guess what else?

No one has EVER overdosed on cannabis.

So feel free to up that dosage as you need, just make sure you don’t have to drive.

Also, nausea and vomiting can happen if you throw every edible warning ever to the wind. 

We are not canceling Halloween y'all! So grab your CBD, make your list, and get ready because we are going to dose you all the way through the New Year!

Fall CBD Edible Recipes

Decarboxylating Hemp Buds 

The first and most important step to making edibles, is decarboxylation.

You can’t just heat up hemp buds or cannabis and expect to get full effects.

I will do a short segment on the benefits of raw hemp flower soon.

Unless you are specifically looking for those benefits, you need to decarb your buds, to help activate the CBDA and turn it into CBD.

Wellicy CBD decarb Hemp flower Decarboxylation of CBD buds

CBD Butter from Hemp Buds

This recipe uses the stovetop method to infuse CBD butter, and it is super easy.

All kinds of methods exist for infusing butter.

I will post recipes for other methods this fall.

I love this recipe because it is super simple (and I can do it with a propane burner on the grill when we camp).

CBD Chex Mix

This CBD Chex mix is a quick easy recipe that can be made in bulk, perfect for packing up on the trail or sharing during movie night.

CBD Pecan Pie

The Classic Canna-Brownie is so iconic. In the south the fight of pumpkin spice vs apple spice is second to the true fall flavor: pecan pie.

Everyone's granny has a recipe and the debate between chopped pecans and whole pecans is enough to end potlucks.

This recipe is the completely classic, basic Pecan Pie.

Feel free to substitute as you like, just know that *I* cannot be responsible for any switches your grandma threatens you with if you... use chopped pecans.

CBD Steaks

From celebrating that big promotion to holiday celebrations, steak with your CBD is nothing short of winning.

The key to good CBD & steaks: choose your product wisely. 

CBD French Dips

What to do with those AMAZING CBD Steak leftovers? French Dips of course, these tasty hoagies can be dosed so many ways.

CBD butter on the steak, the buns, CBD tinctures in the sauce, you name it this recipe has it.

Just remember to pay attention to your dose, otherwise you may feel some extra-sleepy side effects.

CBD S'mores

A super easy, tasty treat you can bake in the oven or on the grill.

CBD chocolate can be used in place of regular chocolate. Trust me, this one is so easy, the kids can do it.

Final Thoughts 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog!

I am super excited to bring you some fantastic tips, tricks, and recipes this fall!

Remember y’all, no matter what Cam says, Halloween is a real holiday & we can’t wait to see how you use CBD to have a hemptacular Halloween! 

19th Jun 2022

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