Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?: A Comprehensive Guide

CBD has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years and according to Forbes Magazine, it is one of the highest-ranked terms on the internet.


Because of the interest in all the potential medical benefits, this compound contains.

CBD is believed to aid in treating anything from epilepsy to anxiety. Pet owners have begun to see success in aiding their animals as well.

As a cat owner, you may wonder—is CBD oil safe for cats?

This guide will show you the safe routine in helping your feline friend and achieve success with CBD oil treatment, all without any worry surrounding his or her safety.

Do Cats Have Cannabinoid Receptors

Cats have an endocannabinoid system just like humans

We find the endocannabinoid system or ECS in most tissues and it is what communicates with stimulation from cannabinoids outside of the body.

One example being the phytocannabinoid, or plant derived, cannabinoid CBD.

All vertebrates have receptors for this system, so the answer to the question do cats have cannabinoid receptors is yes.

There are individuals on both sides of the fence concerning the use of CBD oil for pets, however.

CBD Oil Usage for Pets

Holistic doctors and pet owners alike have sworn to the use of CBD for pets.

Despite these claims, there have been very few studies and no formal conclusion or statement on the official usage for pets.

The FDA has not released a guide for dosage and because of that the doses given are often anecdotal and can be considered different from case to case.

CBD Oil for Cats

As with other pets, CBD oil can be very helpful in easing their pain.

The biggest concern that it is generally used for is inflammation and soreness. But there is another problem that pet owners worry about, anxiety.

Treatment for cats is fairly similar to the way pet owners go about treating dogs with CBD, although the average accepted dosage amounts can be much less because of the size difference.

Most often coming in dropper form, the oil has actually more recently been worked into treats and sprays should a direct administration of a dropper not work as well for you and your pet. 

Many tinctures contain vitamin supplements in addition to the CBD oil.

As an added benefit, your cat is receiving relief from its discomfort and nutrients to fuel its body. 

There are many health concerns that can be addressed by using CBD oil for your cat including; 

  • IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A great deal of intestinal discomfort arises from this disease. CBD oil is shown to potentially reduce inflammation and because of that reduce symptoms associated with IBD.

  • Arthritis: Arthritis is a condition caused by inflammation, primarily of the joints. It is no surprise that CBD oil is potentially very effective at providing relief to the joints of your cat.
  • Asthma: Asthma is a common inflammatory disease that cats suffer from. In cats, there is the chance that they have minor symptoms and do not require medical treatment. However, there are many cases in which they require treatment via inhaler all throughout their lives. CBD oil can potentially help with the inflammation so that your cat will suffer fewer asthma attacks. Do not stop any medication the cat is on.

  • Chronic Upper Respiratory Infections: Coming as a great surprise from treating those with asthma and arthritis. Cats that are suffering from life long issues concerning these types of infections could potentially experience significant relief.

  • Seizures: A condition that is not commonly seen in felines. While more often used to treat cases in dogs, CBD has been shown to also potentially help with cats suffering from seizures as well.

Dietary change can make a huge difference when it comes to treatment. If this is paired with the usage of CBD oil the relief your cat receives can be much larger.

Several of these do have medication that is prescribed by vets and should never be stopped without discussing so beforehand. This could cause a great deal of danger to the cat.

Dosage Amounts

Dosage amounts are not universal and need to be adjusted based according to weight. The generally accepted ratio is 0.1 to 0.5mg per kg (1kg = 2.2lbs). As with any treatment it is best to start low and increase if there is a need.

It is important to select full-spectrum as opposed to isolate, according to Dr. Gary Richter, a holistic veterinarian at Montclair Veterinary Hospital in Oakland California. These oils are enriched with other beneficial compounds.

These compounds can aid with the overall relief that your cat receives from treatment from the oil

Do remember this is a starting point and may differ from your cat. If there is any problem do consider reducing the dose. 

Concerns and Protection

Which type of CBD oil is best for cats?

According to Gary Dr. Richter, a holistic veterinarian at Montclair Veterinary Hospital in Oakland California, CBD oil is generally safe for cats.

The thing to watch for is potential gastrointestinal upset and sedation. 

These concerns were only minor levels and not severe problems. Additionally, they would be ended by stopping CBD treatment.

While CBD has been shown to be relatively safe for cats and dogs alike, the plants are not.

In fact, high levels of THC have been shown to have moderate to high toxicity for cats.

But remember, full spectrum CBD oil is recommended, but since it is hemp derived it contains <0.3% THC. Whereas cannabis contains 15% or more THC.

Daniel Inman, a veterinarian at Burlington Emergency Veterinary Specialists in Williston, Vermont has noted there have been several cases in the ER in their center treating marijuana toxicity.

Above all else, it is important to keep animals safe.

Pet owners should always discuss the use of CBD oil with their veterinarian before beginning treatment with their cat.

There always remains the chance of some interactions and problems on a case by case basis.

Another reason why it's important to start with a low dose and gradually increase as needed.

Also, there may be unknown interactions that can be easily solved by a simple check-up from the veterinarian.

There may be outside factors that can be affecting your cat as well. They could be showing improvement but still could need help from a doctor.

So Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

Is CBD oil safe for cats? Most certainly! It can help your cat experience a more comfortable, healthy life.

Combining a healthy routine, diet and proper treatment with CBD, your cat can experience relief from countless concerns.

Still have questions? Head on over to further your CBD knowledge by watching and reading the material we have curated for you. 

19th Jun 2022

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