Benefits of CBD Oil with Yoga & Meditation

In this modern wellness-oriented age, more people seem to be turning to both yoga and meditation in order to calm their minds and their bodies. 

Both yoga and meditation have been practiced by various cultures around the world for centuries, but only now are these ancient practices becoming mainstream. 

We now have the research to show that yoga and meditation are capable of creating biochemical and physiological changes that can greatly enhance our day-to-day lives.

Wellness enthusiasts also know that CBD is becoming a staple of the wellness industry, being more accessible than ever before. 

CBD, as you probably know, comes from the hemp plant, which is completely legal. 

CBD products won’t get you high since they don’t contain enough THC to produce intoxicating effects. 

However, lots of people are using them in order to achieve a sense of inner bliss that they never thought possible.

As you would imagine, many yoga and meditation enthusiasts are finding that CBD can enhance their daily practices. 

If this interests you, read further.

Yoga and Meditation: Calming for the Mind and Body

Benefits of CBD Oil for Yoga and Meditation

For centuries, people around the world have been practicing both yoga and meditation on a daily basis. 

Therefore, there’s got to be something to these ancient practices, right? 

Yoga and meditation are both associated with reduced stress, improvement in mood, decreased muscular tension and a calmer nervous system. 

In fact, many studies have been done to show just how these two practices cause changes within the body that lead to a stronger sense of overall well-being.

In today’s world, we are finding that it’s harder and harder to escape stress. 

We’re expected to juggle high-pressure careers, demanding family lives and social lives, and still have enough time in the day to rest. 

Therefore, it’s easy to see why yoga and meditation have become such attractive additions to one’s daily routine. 

They can be done in the comfort of our own homes at any time of day, and don’t require a ton of effort or financial investment.

Using CBD to Potentially Enhance Your Meditation & Yoga Regimens

Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Meditation and Yoga

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that CBD is one of the most successful additions to the wellness market of all time. 

More and more people are turning to CBD in an effort to enhance their sense of focus, calm and euphoria as they juggle all of the demands of modern daily life. 

Given the things that CBD may be capable of, you can understand why people are using this plant-based compound to enhance their daily meditation and yoga practices. 

If the goal of meditation and yoga is to unwind, it makes sense that CBD would be a popular product to take beforehand.

CBD Products from Wellicy That Can Be Added to Your Daily Yoga & Meditation Rituals

So, now that you know that CBD is being used by yoga and meditation enthusiasts to enhance their practices, you’re probably wondering how to properly go about incorporating hemp into your own daily routine. 

Well, at Wellicy, we offer a wide variety of CBD products that are great for taking prior to your daily regimen. 

As you probably know, there are a lot of CBD products to choose from, so let us break down the ones that we think our best suited for daily yoga and meditation practices.

CBD Tinctures

Wellicy CBD Oil Tinctures for Yoga

CBD oil tinctures are oral products that are consumed sublingually.

This means that rather than swallowing and ingesting the CBD, the product is held beneath the tongue so that it can absorb through the sublingual tissue. 

This allows the CBD to become fully active within 30 minutes and remain active for up to a couple of hours. 

Given the usual length of time to complete a yoga and meditation routine, taking a tincture prior to starting is a great idea. 

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are unique in that they don’t require that you consume any hemp compounds internally.

Instead, topicals are massaged into the skin meaning they will specifically target the localized area of application. 

If you’re doing yoga and meditation to combat tension within the body, a topical may be a great choice for before, during, and after. 

CBD Edibles

Wellicy CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are becoming extremely popular because they’re fun to take and can provide a hemp experience that lasts for several hours.

Taking edibles in the morning can ensure that those compounds remain active throughout the afternoon. 

CBD Bath Bombs

Wellicy CBD Bath Bombs

Using a CBD bath bomb prior to a meditation and yoga routine is a great way to jumpstart your wellness regimen.

Baths are renowned for easing tension throughout the muscles and calming the mind.

Don't have time to jump in the bath before your yoga session? Relax and recover with ease after an intense yoga or meditation session with a Wellicy CBD bath bomb.

Using a hemp-infused bath bomb can maximize your bath session before you start your yoga and meditation practices.

    Become One with Your CBD

    In today’s high-stress, high-pressure world, it’s not surprising that so many people are searching for a sense of inner peace by incorporating yoga and meditation into their daily routines. 

    It’s also not surprising that CBD is becoming such a hugely popular industry. 

    If you want to take your yoga and meditation regimens to the next level, consider investing in some CBD product at Wellicy.

    Have you already started adding CBD oil into your yoga routine, let us know your results by leaving a comment below!

    19th Jun 2022

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