CBD for Gamers and Esports Players

Professional gaming and esports have become major industries in recent years, thanks to technological evolution that have allowed players to show off their skills in front of hundreds of thousands of people in exchange for impressive incomes. 

The industry is only now being taken seriously.

With that comes the recognition that those who are professional gamers and esports players have unique demands that require care and attention.

Sure, this field may not be as physically risky as, say, football or boxing, but that doesn’t mean that the average gamer lives a charmed life. 

In order to earn a living by gaming, sacrifices have to be made that can conflict with living a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

Therefore, there’s a growing dialog revolving around the need for gamers and esports players to take care of their health to the best of their abilities. 

And, one way in which members are taking health matters into their own hands is by coming up with CBD regimens that can be executed daily. 

CBD continues to be a highly successful player in the wellness game, with its many unique properties, and more and more respect coming from the medical community. 

Many people have a very narrow concept of what CBD is capable of, but as this article will explain, it may have much to offer to gamers and esports players thanks to its widespread capabilities.

Are Esports Players and Gamers Immune from Issues That Affect Other Athletes?

Esport Players Making Money Sitting on the Couch

Esports players and gamers are the envy of many right now, as many see them as people who get to sit on their couch each day engaging in their favorite hobby while cashing in at phenomenal levels. 

Sure, there is something that sounds pretty nice about the idea.

But, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its own host of potentially dangerous issues that can affect the players. 

For a player to be able to profit off of their hobby and gain a huge audience, they need to work extremely hard. 

Now that the field is more competitive than ever before, many feel that they have to make enormous sacrifices in order to make a name for themselves. 

And, these sacrifices can be health-related, without a doubt.

Most of the esports audience stays up late – that’s just a fact. 

Late nights are when you’re most likely to get views, as this is a time when people are home and have no responsibilities and can sit and watch. 

So, what does that mean to players? 

Well, many have to adjust their sleep cycles in order to accommodate. 

And, this can mean that many players simply aren’t getting adequate sleep each night. 

We know that sleep is a crucial part of our health, as without proper sleep, we can experience a host of issues, ranging from mood disorders to lowered immune function.

The pressure to maintain one’s audience can also cause psychological distress, leading to anxiety and depression, with high levels of cortisol rushing through the body. 

Combine this with reduced sleep and the social isolation of staying home all day to play for an invisible audience, and you have a recipe for a host of mood-related problems that can be extremely detrimental. 

We know that if disorders like anxiety and depression are not properly treated, they can lead to serious consequences.

Then, there are the physical risks. 

Sitting for hours all day can be a lot more detrimental than one may think. 

For one thing, we know that hours spent without movement can lead to dangerous blood clots, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and increased risk of diabetes. 

Further, it can lead to weight management problems, as exercise is essential if one wants to maintain a healthy body weight.

And, of course, repetitive motions within the hands and wrists can lead to stress fractures, or, at the very least, tendonitis, carpal tunnel or arthritis.

Now, players have a responsibility to look after their own health, and they can access medical professionals who can help treat ailments as they occur. 

But, many choose to go with a more natural option. 

Further, if one chooses to commit their life to gaming via esports, they may not have access to health insurance, as many quit their jobs to take on this lifestyle full time until the money finally starts rolling in.

Benefits of CBD for Gamers & Esport Athletes

Benefits of CBD Oil for Gamers & Esports

CBD is cannabidiol, which is the major compound in the hemp plant. 

It’s totally natural and holistic, not to mention legal and nontoxic to the human body. 

CBD performs regulatory actions throughout the body by binding with strategically placed cannabinoid receptors that regulate bodily processes. 

Knowing that, let’s get into the more thoroughly studied properties that CBD has, according to medical research.

Physical Pain

Physical pain and gaming can go hand in hand. 

Spending long hours sitting can lead to issues with posture that can cause back and neck pain that can become chronic. 

Hip pain is also a common result of sitting for too long. 

Further, as we said, repetitive motions of the hands and wrists can lead to a host of pain-related conditions.

CBD seems to have the potential to play a role in pain regulation with its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation while changing the way in which the brain perceives pain signals sent from the nervous system

Taking CBD daily for pain is becoming a common choice among those who prefer a natural approach. 

CBD topicals are ideal for spot-treating, while edibles, tinctures and vapes offer a more widespread distribution.

Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Depression, Anxiety, and Stress from Esports Competing and How CBD can Help

We talked about how mood disorders can occur among gamers and esports players, due to the high-pressure nature of the industry combined with social isolation that is almost inevitable in this field. 

Many gamers report feelings of stress and anxiety, which is understandable. 

Anxiety can interfere with one’s quality of life, not to mention one’s ability to be a successful esports player. 

However, studies show that CBD has the potential to play a role in managing these conditions due to its regulatory effects within the brain that affect our mood.

Depression is also common within this field, again due to the social isolation, combined with low sleep and low physical activity. 

Because of its regulatory effects on serotonin levels, researchers feel that CBD may be quite useful for this as well.

Unhealthy Sleep Cycles

Speaking of CBD’s effects on neurotransmitters, it seems that it may be able to help regulate sleep so that a person gets their eight or so hours each night. 

CBD regulates melatonin and cortisol, two hormones that must be properly balanced so that a person can easily fall asleep at night.

Brain Fatigue

Staring at a screen for hours is known to have negative effects on cognition, and a lack of sleep certainly doesn’t help. 

CBD may regulate cognition, thus stimulating motivation, concentration, and overall mental stamina.

CBD: The Next Tool in the Gaming Industry

If you’re a gamer or esports player who feels like their overall wellness could use a boost, CBD may be a great option. 

Make sure that you speak with your doctor to know for sure that CBD is right for you, and that you choose from a high-quality company with a good reputation.

19th Jun 2022

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