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Wellicy's CBD Guide for Father's Day Gifts

Looking to get dad the perfect gift this year for Father's Day? Leave the coffee mugs or t-shirts with funny sayings in the past and get dad CBD! A gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of our 10 favorite CBD products for dad so you can easily find the product that would be best for him and his personal needs!

Your dad has been there for you and always taken care of you, now it's time for you to return the favor!

5 CBD Topical Recipes to Boost Skin Health

Have you tried numerous CBD topicals on the market and weren't satisfied? Or maybe you have an amazing recipe for a face mask that you'd like to infuse with CBD? Today we will be discussing 5 incredibly unique, and easy to make CBD topical recipes that you can make at home!

Learn how to make your own CBD topicals now!

Consuming CBD: Which Method is Best for Me?

Interested in giving CBD a try to see if it helps your personal needs? Well before you jump right in, it's important that you understanding the varying methods for consuming CBD so you can find what works best for you!

So if you're ready to find which CBD product or products are best for you, this post will help educate & guide you on picking the best CBD product!