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What is Delta-8 THC? Delta-8 THC Guide

Have you been hearing about delta-8 THC, and are confused by yet another cannabinoid? Don't worry, we've compiled this official guide to delta-8 THC in 2021 to help you fully understand this incredible cannabinoid, what it does, it's legality, and so much more!

Delta-8 THC vs CBD: What are the Similarities & Differences?

Have you heard about delta-8 THC and wondered how it's similar and possibly even differs from the effects of CBD?

Well in today's post we discuss both delta-8 THC and CBD, specifically to uncover their similarities and differences. 

Mixing Delta-8 THC with CBD

Interested in taking delta-8 products but unsure if you should take it instead of your current CBD regimen or if you can safely mix them?

Discover if you can take a delta-8 product with CBD or other cannabinoids, plus much more about delta-8 in today's post!