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How to Make CBD Hemp Butter at Home

This munchie Monday we are covering an infused classic: Hemp Butter.

This is a super simple recipe, and although it does take a couple hours, it's the starting point that enables you to infuse your favorite recipes with CBD!

Munchie Monday 1: How to Make CBD Infused Pasta Salad

Hey! I’m Lindsey, and lately I’ve been combining my passion for CBD with my love of cooking.

I’ve seen so many of you on Wellicy’s Wellness Wednesday and Feel Good Friday Live, and I’m excited to be bringing you something new from Wellicy: Munchy Monday’s.

Once a Week I’ll be adding a new set of delicious recipes to Wellicy’s blog. All of them tasty without CBD, but designed to be dosed with it. Why? Well because life is to short for CBD edibles to only be brownies or gummy’s (Sweet-tooth have no fear: I will cover those too, because who doesn’t love a good brownie once in a while.

What is Smokeable CBD Hemp Flower?

Have you considered trying Hemp Flower, but are confused about what strain may benefit you?

Perhaps you've only ever taken CBD oil or edibles and you aren't sure if hemp Flower would be a better choice for you or maybe you want to try Hemp Flower but you aren't sure how to use it!

Today we are going to look at what Hemp Flower is, what strains are and what they do, and a variety of consumption methods for Hemp Flower.

This article is meant to empower you to make the decision if Hemp Flower is the right CBD product for you!