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What Does Third-Party Lab Tested and Source Tracing Really Mean?

With everyday passing, the consumers like yourself get more educated on the hemp products on the market and what to look for.

Well, add to your expertise with figuring out what third party test results and source tracing can do to take your hemp buying experience to another level!

What is the Shelf-Life of a Delta 8 THC

When buying delta-8 we never care to ask about expiration of a product, maybe because you don't think it has one. Well you would be wrong on that because like everything else delta-8 can expire as well. The question is though, when will it expire?

Mixing Delta-8 THC with CBD

Interested in taking delta-8 products but unsure if you should take it instead of your current CBD regimen or if you can safely mix them?

Discover if you can take a delta-8 product with CBD or other cannabinoids, plus much more about delta-8 in today's post!