Munchie Monday: How to Make CBD Hemp Butter

This munchie Monday we are covering an infused classic: Hemp Butter.

This is a super simple recipe, and although it does take a couple hours, it's the starting point that enables you to infuse your favorite recipes with CBD!

How to Make CBD Hemp Butter at Home

This week's Munchie Monday is covering a staple in any kitchen making CBD edibles: Hemp Butter. 

Hemp Butter is Simple, your choice of Butter, your choice of Whole Flower Hemp, and a little bit of time.

Please keep the rule of what makes good edibles at hand: Good Edibles come from Good Quality Hemp Flower.

As far as infusing your Butter you can use cow Butter, Coconut oil, Olive oil, or any other fatty oil for your infusion. I cook with a lot of butter, so today I am using a regular unsalted butter.  Hemp Flower Decarboxylation

How to Make Hemp Derived CBD Infused Butter

There are two main steps for crafting your own hemp infused butter at home when starting with raw hemp flower, which include decarboxylation and infusing the butter.

Step 1: Decarboxylation 

The first step in making a homemade hemp butter infusion is decarboxylating your hemp flower.

As simply grinding it up and tossing it into the butter would result in wasted flower and a waste of your hard earned money. 

So you have to heat the hemp flowers to activate the CBD and other cannabinoids inside the buds.

If we do not activate it, you would simply be eating hemp flower without any of the potential benefits of CBD and other minor cannabinoids.  

It's vital that you heat the hemp at a low temperature, so you do not burn your valuable hemp buds, and long enough so that everything is activated.

CBD cooks off at 350F so just make sure your oven does not get too hot. A great rule of thumb so follow is to use a low heat for extended periods.

What You Need for Decarboxylation: 

  • Hemp Flower to Activate
  • *Baking sheet 
  • *Grinder (Not Required but Makes the Process Easier)

For this recipe, here is how I chose to Decarboxylate my hemp in the oven:  

  1. Preheat the oven to 230F
  2. Grind the Hemp Flower with a Grinder
  3. Place the Ground Hemp in the Oven on an Oven Safe Tray 
  4. Set a Timer for 1 hour

Keep an eye on your hemp flower, if it starts to burn this is an indication your oven temperature is inaccurate, check it with an oven thermometer. 

Step 2: Infusing the Butter 

Hemp Infused Butter Butter Mold Wellicy


  • 1 cup Butter 
  • 1 cup water 
  • 4 grams decarbed hemp buds 
  • *Saucepan 
  • *Cheesecloth 
  • *Bowl 

Now that you have all your ingredients together to infuse your butter with the hemp you just decarbed, follow the steps below!

Step 1: Heat Butter in water, in a suacepan over medium heat. 

Step 2: Stir in your decarboxolayted butter 

Step 3: Keep your sauce pan at a simmer (do not let boil) for about another hour. Stir the pan occastionally to make sure you do not burn the butter or flower.  

Step 4: Drain the Infused Hemp Butter through a Cheesecloth. 

Step 5: Allow butter to start forming a solid and drain the water off. 

Step 6: Store Hemp Butter in the fridge.  

Final Thoughts  

Homemade Hemp Butter Wellicy

The reason why I covered how to make hemp butter today is because it has SO MANY uses for edibles.

Everyone loves CBD gummy edibles, but when you start realizing how easy it is to dose your own butters at home, you realize how many fantastic edible recipes you can make like hemp brownies or savory butter & carrot puree.

What are some of your favorite recipes to use CBD hemp butter in?

Let us know of your favorite CBD infused recipes by dropping a comment below, we may even feature your recipe on a future Munchie Monday post!


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