Munchie Monday: How to Make Homemade CBD Honey

Today's Muchie Monday goes over making CBD honey at home. A tasty and easy way to bring CBD to your homemade meals!
How to Make CBD Honey at Home

I've often been asked "What is your favorite CBD edible?"

I truly love CBD honey more than any other CBD edible.

The ease of which CBD honey can be dosed, transported, made, and consumed are all things that put CBD honey in the top spot for my favorite CBD edible.

After all, who doesn't love honey?

Tasty honey sticks from your childhood, sticky cinnamon rolls, a delightful cup of tea with all natural, golden, delicious goodness mixed in to sweeten it just right.

Perhaps it's because I've gone the way of honey as a sweetener in place of sugar.

Don't get me wrong, sugar still has a place in my home, but for tea, coffee, and a ton of baked goods I've gone the way of Mother Nature's Golden Goodness.

How to Make CBD Honey

Wellicy Blueberry CBD Hemp oil CBD honey

CBD infused honey is a perfect little way to add a tasty wellness treat to your favorite food, snack, or drink.

All you need is 6 oz or more of honey (I prefer using a local kind) and your preferred CBD Oil.

I use a Desert Blossom Honey because it is local to me and Wellicy Blueberry 500 mg, because the Blueberry tastes so nice with the Desert Blossom Honey.

If you want more potent dose or prefer to use full spectrum products check out the Wellicy Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for your honey.


  • Step 1: Spoon Honey into a glass Jar at room Temperature

  • Step 2: Fill your saucepan with enough water to match the level of honey on the inside of the jar

  • Step 3: Set your stove to a high heat to bring the water in the saucepan to a boil

  • Step 4: Remove saucepan from heat once boiling

  • Step 5: As the water stops bubbling, place a lid over the jar of honey loosely. This lets the honey thin so we can properly distribute the CBD oil

  • Step 6: Stir the CBD oil in the honey, slowly, allowing it to sit for at least 20 minutes for proper infusion

  • Step 7: Once done remove Jar from the saucepan, tighten lid, and store at room temperature

Ta-Da, you now have your very own homemade CBD infused honey!

CBD Honey

Final Thoughts

See how easy CBD honey is to make? It is that simple.

When you are ready to dose your CBD honey, simply take a spoonful. No vaporizing, heating, or complicated devices required.

As with all things CBD, start with your recommended dose.If you aren't sure where to start, start with a low 10 mg dose or 10% of your body weight.

For example, a person who weighs 160 lbs should start somewhere between 10 and 16 mg for a CBD dose. 200 lbs start somewhere between 10 mg and 20 mg, depending on how familiar you are with CBD edibles.

By far the biggest mistake I see when consuming CBD edibles is not giving enough time after eating the edible for it to start working.

CBD metabolizes differently for all people.

A general rule of thumb is two hours, for you to start feeling the effects of CBD. And the same CBD dose does not work the same for everyone.

Some people may experience strong, full body effects that assist with mood, pain, sleep or other conditions; to find the effect that is best for you, experiment with your dosing.

If a tablespoon of CBD honey makes you too tired, try less next time. If you aren't getting the relief you are looking for, try more.

Honey has long been used in wellness, touted for its antibacterial properties.

Honey has been used for its anti-inflammatory properties, and holistic practitioners consider honey to be one of nature's best natural medicines.

Now imagine combining that with powerful CBD!

You can use CBD infused honey for your afternoon tea or with peanut butter on a sandwich at lunch time.

You could even use CBD honey to make honey lime chicken enchiladas, as long as you adjust the cooking temperature.

A word of CAUTION: You should never give honey to an infant younger than raw honey.

Raw honey may contain spores from botulism bacteria. Please consult a medical professional regarding raw honey use in infants.

Now all you have to do is put this recipe to work! All we ask is you drop a comment below with what you use your CBD infused honey for!


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