How to Make Delta 8 Part of Your Daily Routine

Interested in incorporating delta 8 THC into your daily hemp regimen but unsure?

Find out how you can easily and effectively add delta 8 THC into your daily lifestyle and see why you should be using delta 8 THC if you are already using CBD products! 

How to Make Delta 8 Part of Your Daily Routine

More people are making hemp part of their daily wellness routine, and for good reason. 

We now know that supporting the endocannabinoid system may play a large role in your overall wellness, and the hemp plant is rich in cannabinoids that each trigger unique regulatory effects within our important bodily process including: mood, sleep, pain, immune function and even digestion.

The cannabinoid we tend to focus on when discussing the hemp plant is CBD, which is cannabidiol, the leading compound in hemp which makes up about 12 to 18 percent of the plant’s overall chemical composition. 

Science is showing us that there are many other cannabinoids found in hemp that are equally deserving of our attention.

The latest hemp cannabinoid to excite wellness enthusiasts is delta-8 and we’ll be discussing the best ways to incorporate it into your daily wellness routine.

Reasons for Making Delta-8 Part of Your Daily Routine

why to take delta 8 THC daily

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid that has the potential to offer some pretty sweet effects to the body, according to the limited number of studies that we have access to at the present time.

All cannabinoids support the endocannabinoid system so that it may fulfill its role of promoting homeostasis so that our general state of wellness can be improved.

Although the studies are limited, especially when compared to CBD, preliminary research is showing that delta 8 THC is showing some potential benefits as a sleep aid, antiemetic, and anti-anxiety to name a few.

But this is based on extremely limited research, and further research is required before any definitive results can be assumed and you should consult with your doctor for any medical advice. 

Best Tips for Taking Delta 8 on a Daily Basis for Consistent Wellness

Now, let’s talk about the best tips for incorporating delta 8 into a daily routine.

Tip #1: Take Delta-8 with CBD

Pinnacle Hemp Maxx 1:1 CBD/Delta 8 THC Tincture

One thing that many people are finding is that taking CBD along with delta 8 is a great way to give the endocannabinoid system a serious boost each day, so consider taking them together. 

CBD and delta 8 work together synergistically, being two cannabinoids found in the same plant. 

Therefore, they may balance each other out in terms of their properties, resulting in a more well-rounded wellness experience overall. 

CBD is known to take the “edge” off of delta 9 THC, which is delta 8’s older sibling. 

Delta 8 is already less “edgy” than delta 9, but those particularly sensitive to THC in all of its forms may find that CBD is a great way to promote a calmer experience in general.

As it's important to note that unlike CBD, delta 8 THC is psychoactive and will cause slight intoxicating effects.

Tip #2: Set an Alarm if You’re Forgetful

Of course, a major key to taking delta 8 daily, or anything for that matter, is remembering to take it.

And many of us are forgetful. 

But we know from studies on hemp in general that taking cannabinoids daily produces the best results, because the endocannabinoid system becomes trained to use them to their fullest potential, knowing that its supply will remain consistent due to daily doses. 

So, if you need to, set an alarm to remind yourself to take delta 8. 

Because this is a psychoactive compound, make sure that you take delta 8 during a time when you’ll be capable of managing its effects without any major responsibilities interfering.

But that doesn't mean delta 8 THC products are only for night time use, I personally use delta 8 gummies during the day.

But of course, that was after consuming at home and seeing how it interacts with my body.

Tip #3: Buy a Variety of Delivery Methods

Like CBD, delta-8 comes in all of the standard delivery methods, as the delta 8 distillate can easily be combined with other ingredients to produce vape oils, edibles, tinctures and other various consumption methods. 

We know that each delivery method offers its own advantages in terms of onset time, length of effectiveness in the system and potency felt when the dose peaks. 

You might want to consider grabbing a few different delivery methods, as each one may come in handy at a specific time. 

For example, a quick hit off of a delta 8 vape may be great when you’re suddenly encountering stress; while an edible is good for all-day activation in the system and overall endocannabinoid system maintenance.

Tip #4: Time Each Dose as Needed

Take your daily dose of delta 8 THC as needed

A major key to having a successful daily routine with delta 8 is to know when to take it in order to ensure that the effects peak when you want them to.

Let’s say you wanna take delta 8 in the morning so that it peaks when you get to work, because you’re hoping for an added boost of motivation and concentration. 

If this is the case, you’ll need to time your dose in a way that ensures that the delta 8 kicks in right when you are ready to begin your day’s work.

Tip #5: Be Open to Various Uses

You may have decided you want to try delta 8 for something highly specific like a pesky pain in the body due to a past injury. 

This is not the only reason that people are using this cannabinoid. 

Be open to its many unique potential uses in order to get as much out of this fascinating compound as possible. 

For instance, be open to giving it a try for sleep, if you feel that your stress is keeping you up at night. 

Or consider using delta 8 as a workout aid if you need a bit of a boost before you hit the gym. 

You may be surprised by just how useful delta 8 ends up becoming in your day-to-day life, especially when combined with CBD.

Tip #6: Choose the Best Strength for Your Needs

If you’re not choosing the right strength of delta 8, you might figure that it’s not working and give up on it, which means that you’ll miss out on its full potential. 

Sounding familiar when starting your CBD journey?

Like CBD products, delta 8 comes in a variety of milligram strengths reflecting how potent each dose will be and you need to find the dose that works best for you. 

Consider your needs and goals with delta 8 and choose the milligram strength accordingly. 

We understand that you may want to start with a low strength in the beginning because you’re unsure of how the psychoactive properties will affect you, and we fully support that and even recommend it. 

If you find that it’s not doing what you wanted it to, or it feels very weak in the body, consider increasing that milligram strength as time goes on.

Tip #7: Budget Wisely

It’s important that if you’re going to incorporate delta 8 into your daily routine that you budget it wisely. 

Hemp products can be pricey, and this is because of the enormous amount of plant material and general effort required to produce them.

 But that doesn’t mean that you have to go broke just to maintain a daily routine with delta 8. 

For example, here at Wellicy we carry delta 8 products that are uniquely affordable, because they are made by reputable companies that do many of their manufacturing processes in house to save on production costs.

Tip #8: Always Be Open to Experimentation

A key to finding success with delta-8 is being willing to experiment. 

If one delivery method doesn’t suit your style, try another one. 

If one dose in the morning doesn’t do the trick, try taking another one in the evening. 

Cannabinoids affect all of us differently, and so we must all figure out what our ideal regimen is before we are really capable of experiencing the full potential that hemp has to offer.

Tip #9: Double Up

It’s perfectly fine to take two different delivery methods in one day, and even in the same hour. 

This can produce a unique overall experience due to how each one absorbs into the body. 

Of course, be aware that the milligram strength of each product determines how psychoactive the experience will be, so keep this in mind.

But regardless, the experience will not be as intense as what's often experienced when consuming delta 9 THC via cannabis.

Delta-8 is a Great Cannabinoid for Daily Use

Delta 8 is exceptional for daily use, as are all hemp derivatives. 

Hence, if you want to get as much out of it as possible, daily dosing is ideal.

To further elevate your experience, we highly recommend combing delta 8 THC products with your daily consumption of CBD products such as with the Pinnacle Hemp Maxx 1:1 CBD/Delta 8 tincture!

Follow the advice above to develop the most useful routine based on your wellness goals and particular needs.


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