CBD and Drug Testing: Will I Fail?

Are you interested in using CBD oil but are afraid of doing so due to being drug tested? Find out if you can safely leverage the potential benefits of CBD oil without running the risk of failing a drug test!
CBD and Drug Testing: Will I Fail?

Are you using CBD oil?

Do you have a drug test coming up that is taking away your night’s sleep?

CBD, as a cannabis by-product offers numerous benefits, but it is still in the grey area.

Since CBD is a relatively new concept even today, not many people are aware if it will show up in drug tests or not.

If the thought of CBD showing up on your drug test is worrying you, here is all you must know before going for the test.

Will CBD Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

Drug Testing and CBD

Let’s cut the chase and give you the answer you are looking for.

You can rejoice because pure CBD products do not show up in a drug test.

But, the CBD products that contain THC can lead to a positive drug test.

Are you confused?

Let us help you understand how it works.

CBD is a medicinal cannabinoid present in cannabis.

It is a non-psychoactive chemical compound that does not induce a high.

It can help nourish the body from within and keep many ailments at bay.

On the other hand, THC is an intoxicating element that can induce a euphoric high.

The products that contain THC can show up on your drug test and turn it positive.

There are plenty of CBD products available in the market today, and it can get tricky to pick one that is free of THC.

To break it down for you, we will break down the 3 types of extracts for you step, by step!

3 Types of CBD Extracts

CBD Isolate

99% Pure CBD Isolate, What is it?

If you want to get your hands on the purest form of the cannabinoid CBD, CBD isolate based products are exactly what you're looking for.

CBD isolate is extracted from hemp plants, that we grow specifically for industrial use.

These plants have a negligible amount of THC, which also gets removed during the extraction process.

The CBD isolate is entirely free of THC, terpenes, and all other cannabinoids for that matter.

It is available in the form of crystal powder or slab and offers the highest CBD potency, typically 99%+ pure.

So essentially, 0.1 grams of CBD isolate equates to approximately 100mg of pure CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract

Broad spectrum CBD hemp extract includes almost all of the chemical compounds that are present in a full spectrum CBD hemp extract.

You can find CBD along with terpenes and other cannabinoids in this type of extract.

However, the one important distinction is the fact that the plant matter goes through an additional extraction process to remove even the trace amounts of THC from the extract.

Broad-spectrum CBD is among the widely used forms of the cannabinoid and people often use it in oil for it's potential benefits in order to experience the entourage effect without the presence of THC.

Broad spectrum CBD products are very popular among users who have to avoid THC, even trace amounts due to drug testing, but still want the benefits of the entourage effect!

Broad spectrum hemp oil is used to make products such as CBD oil tinctures, broad spectrum CBD edibles and CBD topicals to name a few.

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract

Wellicy Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Lastly, full-spectrum CBD hemp extract contains all the compounds that are present in the cannabis plant.

This form of extract also comes from hemp, which are rich in terpenes and phytocannabinoids, while containing no higher than 0.3% of THC.

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains varying amounts of THC depending upon the strain that goes into making it, but it must not go higher than 0.3% of THC in order to be legally sold under the 2018 Farm Bill.

If you are concerned about being drug tested, we do not recommend that you use a full spectrum hemp oil product due to the presence of trace amounts of THC.

Although these levels of THC will not get you high, they may result in a false-positive or outright fail on your drug test.

Instead, you should opt for a CBD isolate based product or a broad spectrum CBD oil.

How Much THC Shows Up on a Drug Test?

A majority of drug tests screen THC levels or its metabolites THC-COOH.

These tests show positive only when the THC level in the body is over the cut-off value.

It means that if you use products with the permissible limit of THC, you will theoretically receive negative or false-positive results on the drug tests.

However, if you get drug tested for work or medical reasons, we do not recommend you risk it. And instead would push you towards a THC free option leveraging CBD isolate or broad spectrum hemp extract.

The cut-off value can vary with the method used to test.

Here are a few standard drug testing methods:

Blood Tests

Will CBD Show Up on a Blood Analysis Drug Test?

Blood tests are not common for testing drug levels, especially in workplaces.

The THC stays in bloodstreams only for a very short time.

THC stays in the plasma for 5 hours whereas the metabolites can stay for 7 days.

Therefore, the authorities use it only to check if the drivers are under the influence of THC.

The concentration of THC in blood anywhere from 1-5 nanogram/ml indicates current impairment.

Urine Test

CBD & Urine Drug Tests: Will I Fail?

The most common way to conduct a drug test is through urine. A majority of workplaces conduct urine tests, as the test can detect THC from 3 to 15 days after use.

The duration depends upon the dosage and how frequently the person is ingesting it.

For a urine test to be positive, it needs to have 50 ng/ml of THC.

Hair Test

Using hair to check the drug levels in the body is not quite a common method, and therefore, there are no defined cut-off limits for it.

But, the private agencies consider 1 picogram/mg to be the cut-off limit.

THC can be detectable in the hair for at least 90 days after use.

Saliva Test

The saliva test is yet another method of testing THC levels.

It can stay in the saliva for 72 hours or longer depending upon the usage patterns.

The cut-off value in the saliva test is 4 ng/ml.

How to Avoid Getting Products with THC?

The CBD hemp market is not highly regulated yet, and it becomes your responsibility as a user to take the necessary steps.

Here are a few tips to avoid buying products with THC:

  • When buying CBD products, it is best to cross-check the contents. Check whether the CBD is pure isolate, broad-spectrum or full-spectrum, to ensure if it has THC or not.

  • Try to buy CBD products that come from hemp plants grown in reputable states like Oregon and Colorado, for they have ideal growing conditions.

  • Always look for CBD products that have the dosage mentioned on the label. It will help you keep a close tab on how much CBD you are consuming and determine the frequency.

  • Try to steer clear of products with additives, preservatives, solvents, or even pesticides and herbicides.

  • Look out for third-party lab tests to ensure the contents and quality of the product before you buy it.

Final Thoughts

CBD seems to be a magical compound that is helping millions of people live a better life with its potential medicinal benefits.

There are so many things that CBD has the potential to improve, it's no surprise you are so eager to give CBD oil a try for yourself!

Although the results are promising, it's important that we point out that research studies are in their infancy. Meaning further research is really required before any definitive health claims can be made.

If you use CBD for medicinal reasons and have a drug test coming up, make sure you use a pure CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD product to ensure you don't have any surprise drug test results.

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