5 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Using CBD For Your Pets

Interested in getting your pet aboard the CBD express? Before you buy the first CBD product you see off the shelf, we have 5 mistakes to avoid when buying CBD products for your pets!

We want to make sure you're equipped with the knowledge on how to pinpoint high quality and effective CBD products for your pets so you NEVER make these 5 common mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid When Giving your Pet CBD

CBD is a potent and safe ingredient for your pet that may bring a spectrum of health benefits such as boosting energy, gut health, reducing inflammation, pain, easing anxiety, and depression.

Most pet owners are enthusiastic about introducing CBD to their pets to treat their ailments and achieve better health.

Pet parents who are interested in using CBD for their furry buddies need to avoid some common mistakes that lead to an inefficient or uncomfortable experience with the compound. 

Here are five rookie mistakes pet owners need to avoid while using CBD for their pets.

1) Overlooking The Quality of CBD

Buying Quality CBD Products for Pets

CBD is a relatively new product to the market and a highly unregulated segment with tons of newcomers pushing their products.

It certainly means that you need to be vigilant about the CBD oil quality you are using for your pets.

Stay clear of cheap or low-priced CBD products in the market for your pets.

Even if you wish to try a sample run, research, and shop for only the best products such as our full selection of tested & proven CBD pet products. 

Most high-quality CBD oils might seem slightly overpriced, but it is a price you must be willing to pay for the safety and health of your pets.

Opting to buy products strictly off price, could lead to buying outright fake products, or buying products that contain synthetics that could be harmful to your beloved pet.

Access the label to know more about the quality of CBD used.

It gives away a lot of critical information regarding the source and manufacturing process of the oil.

Analyze every detail available and avoid products that do not reveal these details.

Look for the certificate of analysis that determines the actual concentration of CBD in the product.

The extraction process of CBD is crucial for ensuring the product's safety for your pet. 

The CO2 extraction process is the preferred method for pet CBD products as other methods use propane or butane that could be lethal for your furry buddies.

Of course you could ensure there are no residual solvents, pesticides, or heavy metals by taking a look at the certificate of analysis for that product. Again if the company does not provide one, I'd highly recommend not purchasing.

2) Overusing 

The importance of CBD dosage cannot be emphasized enough for both humans, as well as pet usage.

Often pet owners end up overusing the substance to elevate the results or see visible results faster.

But this could end up causing leading to some unwanted side effects like feeling lethargic.

You shouldn't give them a dose of CBD oil, then some CBD edibles or treats at the same time. 

CBD works best when used at optimum levels as recommended, and using more will not give you faster results.

Never overdose your pets with CBD, although CBD has been shown to be nontoxic it could lead to them feeling lethargic.

CBD dosage for your pet depends on several factors, including weight and size of your pet, existing medical history, required benefit, and the CBD product's strength.

Use these factors to calculate the right dosage and use only within the limit. And always, start low and gradually increase as needed. Just as you would when finding your ideal dosage.

3) Ignoring The Ingredients

What Ingredients to Look for in Pet CBD Products

    One of the most common mistakes committed by pet owners while purchasing CBD products is ignoring the rest of the ingredients that constitute the product.

    Several cases of allergic reactions to CBD reported is primarily due to the additives and other ingredients present in the product, rather than CBD oil itself.

    Try to avoid products that contain too many fillers, additives, preservatives, or chemicals.

    Often, pets respond poorly to such ingredients that could also hinder the benefits of CBD. 

    Try to use products with minimal fillers or opt for CBD oils or tinctures to introduce the cannabinoid in its pure form.

    If you wish to use CBD edibles such as treats, look for good brands known for their pet products such as Koi or CBDFx.

    You can entrust them to work with high-quality ingredients that are necessary for your pets.  

    Also, understand the type of CBD oil you are using.

    There are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD oils used in pet products.

    Again, you should experiment with all 3 to see which is most effective. But current preliminary research indicates full spectrum to hold the greatest potential benefits.

    4) Confusing Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Extract, and CBD Oil Products

    CBD is the cannabinoid of interest for your pets as it carries potential anti-inflammatory properties and a strong profile of nutrients that can contribute to other potential health benefits, says AKC Chief veterinarian, Dr. Jerry Klien.

    Ensuring that the cannabis product you are using contains CBD is essential to cherish the benefits.

    Several products in the market claim to have hemp extracts or hemp oil without any mention of the product's cannabinoid profile.

    Do not purchase such products, as they do not specify the presence of the critical cannabinoid or the concentration of it.

    Another common mistake made by the pet owners is their inability to distinguish between hemp seed oil, hemp oil, or CBD oil. Not understanding the differences, they end up giving the wrong product to their pets. 

    Hemp seed oil derives from the seeds of the hemp plant and does not contain traces of any cannabinoids.

    On the other hand, CBD oil, hemp oil, hemp extract, full spectrum hemp extract which are often used interchangeably as they are derived from the hemp plant extracts obtained from the leaves, buds, and other parts.

    Typically here at Wellicy we refer to tinctures made with CBD isolate as CBD oil, and hemp oil, hemp extract, full spectrum CBD, or full spectrum hemp extract for products made with a full spectrum oil.

    Hemp is the legal source of CBD and contains all the cannabinoids along with traces of THC.

    Hempseed oil does not contain any cannabinoids or terpenes of the cannabis plant.

    Hence read the label carefully before you purchase a product to know the constituents. Hopefully this will save you from wasting your money on "hemp seed" products that are flooding sites like Amazon.

    5) Being Impatient

    Be patient when giving CBD to pets

    CBD is genuinely a miraculous compound that can contribute to a ton of potential health benefits for your pets.

    But it is not magic, and expecting results within the first two or three doses is putting you on the roadway to disappointment.

    The interaction of CBD with the endocannabinoid system is a gradual process.

    Like any new compound, the cannabinoid takes a while to get adjusted entirely and utilized to its full potential.

    The median adjustment time varies anywhere between 5 - 8 days. But for some it can take up to a full month of daily usage.

    Do not give up on the product too soon.

    Some products take longer to show results, and patience is the key to achieving benefits from CBD.

    Be diligent with the dosage every day, and keenly observe any new changes in your pets, even if not the intended results. 

    These observations also help you understand if it is merely taking time for the product to start working or your pet might be allergic to the product.

    Do not increase or decrease the dosage until you give enough time to know if the compound is benefitting your pet or not. 

    Final Thoughts

    CBD is slowly making progress in the pet industry with scientific studies to support its benefits.

    The volatility of the information available makes it difficult to make the right choices for your pets.

    However, avoiding basic mistakes like the ones mentioned above helps us experiment and get closer to the perfect ingredients for our beloved pets.

    Avoid starting a dose of CBD when your pet is already undergoing treatment or while under other medication to avoid such interactions.

    And, always consult your veterinarian before you begin using CBD for your pet to avoid any mistakes. 

    Author: Lisa is a freelance writer and content marketing specialist. She has been closely monitoring the weed online trends for quite some time. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about health and wellness.


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